How to Minimize Skin Pores in Face

How to Minimize Skin Pores in Face

Pores are large, can make a face it look rough. For a woman, the condition of skin like that would make her lose confidence. However, not to worry because the large pores can be disguised so it looks smaller. How?

Pores can be large, because the hole of follicles place the growth of fine hair on the skin is the largest. Large pores are usually owned by someone with oily skin types. There are several factors that cause enlargement of pores, these factors are:
1. Oily skin.
The body of each person must produce oil to keep the skin becoming dry. But, to some person the production of oil may occur in excess. As a result, the face is easy to breakouts, and pores become enlarged.
2. Age.
When the age is old, the elasticity of the skin will decrease and this situation can make of skin pores become enlarged. Besides it, sun exposure can also affect the skin pores.
3. Gender.
In general, men have larger pores than women, because oil production in men more than women. However, at certain times such as during menstruation a woman’s skin pores will also be enlarged.
4. Genetic.
If you have a parent with skin pores are large, then it is likely you are to have problems pores of the skin will be the greater.
5. Acne.
Often squeeze pimples by forcibly can also make the skin pores are big. Therefore, do not do the habit.

6. Food.
Often eat foods that contain oil, spicy, and high cholesterol, also can enlarge the pores of the skin.
7. Air pollution.
Air pollution also can cause enlarged pores; besides it the smoking habit can also create large pores.
8. Cosmetics.
Use of wrong cosmetics can also enlarge the pores, so be careful in choosing cosmetics.

To cope with large pores can be done in several ways:
1. Wash of Face
Clean your face regularly with a free oil soap face to reduce oil production in the face. And, will give better results if you wash your face with ice water, because cold water can minimize pores.
2. Scrubbing.
Owner of skin with large pores should do scrubbing 1-2 times a week. Because of scrubbing will make the dirt and dead skin on the face is missing.
3. Special cream.
Use creams containing retinoic acid to shrink pores, because retinoic acid can increase the production of collagen and elastin, accelerate skin regeneration and reduces oil production.
4. Makeup
Before using makeup should wash your face with cold water so that pores docked. Use oil-free cosmetics and non-comedogenic.
5. Chemical Peeling Treatment.
Do a chemical peeling treatment once a month to rejuvenate the dead skin cells.
6. Radio Frequency Treatment.
This treatment is usually done at the age of 30 years; teens should not use this treatment.
7. Dermolissage.
Dermosilages is the process of removal of dead skin cells to rub and vacuum way.
8. Laser.
Laser treatment can also minimize pores but it is expensive.
9. Natural ingredients.
Treatment with natural ingredients is the treatment of the most easy and cheap.

Natural ingredients that can be used are,
- Cucumber, applying cucumber that has been mashed is able to minimize facial pores, because in cucumber many substances required skin such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, silica, vitamin A, B, and C.
- Tomatoes, applying tomatoes that has been mashed be minimized facial pores, reduces excess oil and prevent acne.
- Lime juice, vitamin C in high lime so as to minimize pores, but do not too often use lime juice because it can make the skin dry.
The use of natural ingredients for skin care should be done routinely, and must be balanced with routine daily care such as cleansing, eat less oily foods, and compress regular face with cold water.

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